Itchy oily anus leakage

Better solve the constipation problem first. At my age I can not see it by using a mirror. The differential diagnosis of rectal discharge is extensive, but the general etiological themes are infection and inflammation. Heart burning l been on omeprozale garvison for to long. Surgical options may be considered to correct it. Thanks for the reply doc.

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Greasy Stool

Ate salads, pasta and fruit with lots of water everyday for past 3 days but still feel constipated. I have come to realize that after a bowel movement, I will wipe myself clean, only to find that hours later, I need to wipe again. Stone occasionally asserts itself. I changed my diet since ER visit and will wait for my insurance to give me the go ahead with a referral. The next day, my symptoms drastically decreased. This would reduce the intensity of the problem.

Smelly anal leakage and itchy butt crack - Digestive and Bowel Disorders Forum - eHealthForum

I had intercourse with my husband three days ago and normally I have slight discharge from vagina a day later. This appearance refers to the mixture of sloughed mucosa , mucus, and blood. Nothing really adds up here. Apart from this, you may start adding metamucil or any other soft former in your diet on a daily basis. Needs to be examined for diagnosis. If it is infection, then when can it be stopped?
I am worried I have an STD.. Anal margin SCC presents as a lesion with rolled, everted edges and central ulceration. This happens when your stools contain excess of fats in them. I have a bump in my anus, I took a shower last night and I had a sharp pain so I decided to squeeze it and it was pus and blood coming out from there. The problem is likely to subside on its own. Are you experiencing severe or chronic constipation?

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